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Need info on workflow version ?

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Hi All,

I have an urgent issue in PRD. I have transported a workflow to PRD , but there mail text is missing for 2 tasks in PRD. I have doubt here.

1- In DEV, I need to generate new version and provide text for those 2 tasks and capture in TR. If i move this TR to PRD, Old version tasks will be added to newly generated TR along with 2 tasks.    (or)

2- Without generating new version, if i made changes to those tasks and capture in TR. Then these changes will reflect without effecting previous transported tasks in PRD.

And Please clarify this- If i select older version of workflow, Then is showing "runtime exists" in PRD . What does it mean and How to activate it.

Please suggest me, which procedure i need to follow or is there any other solution for this.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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New version to be generated only if there is major structural change in the workflow, so that we can

revert back to old version if something goes wrong.

You dont need to generate new version just for mail text changes.

Make the changes in a new TR and transport it to PRD.

You can execute the program RSWDACTIVATE and check  the active workflow version.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Jitendra,

No need to generate new workflow version for mail text. But you can also generate new version for your reference and do the changes and capture in TR and move to PRD.

For Email body text issue  is not related to task that is related to WF  only. So no need to capture task..  just generate new version and do the changes in mail body text and capture it.

Note : For safer side better do syntax check in PRD. Go to SWDD in PRD and enter your WF number and do syntax check.. if any error shows... then capture those missing things from DEV TR  and Move to PRD and activate in PRD using the prgm RSWDACTIVATE.



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What was the situation in Test? It could be that you just forgot a transport.

Mail texts are usually parts of Tasks, which don't have versions. If that is all you're changing then the workflow versions will remain unchanged. Please note that changes to Tasks will apply to all workflow versions in Prod.