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BPM Sync log

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Hi All,

I am using XI 3.0 (sp 11), The scenario involves making Sync SOAP call to the client's web service as below,


SAP R/3 (Idoc)-->XI (Idoc mapped to xCBL in SOAP envelope) using BPM sends the information( via the SOAP Receiver Adapter ) making a synchronous call --> to SAP Business Connect (BC) web service address at the client side

Response -

SAP BC Sends Technical Acknowledgement (TA) --> XI, using the same synchronous session.

I can send the request message to the client successfully and it sends the technical ack response back but I can't see the response in XI anywhere. The client suggested to enable the logging to see the response and I enabled couple of runtime logs, particularly loging and tracing, still no luck.

Any suggestion what logging parameters should I enable to find the ack coming back to the BPM from the web service pls.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you want the response to be visible in sxmb_moni, you will have to increase the trace level. An other and better option is to use the BPM monitor.

1. Make a selection so the BPMs in question is displayed.

2. In the Workflow log, you can click on the branch the parent level for the send step.

3. Select the "Available Objects" tab.

4. Expand the "Process Objects" folder

You wil find your response object in this list. If you press on the display details button, sxmb_moni will start with only this message selected.

Hope it helps,

Bjørn Espen

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Ranjan,

can you try my weblog to make sure you got all the loggings? :