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BEx SAP Exit

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Hi matez,

I noticed that each time I run my Standard Business Content BEx Reports that contains the following two characteric with SAP Exit, I receive the below mentioned error message

Do I need to setup anything in order to fill these SAP Exit Variables ?




<b><u>ERROR MESSAGE</u></b>

ABORT : No value could be determined for variable 0P_FVAEX

ERROR : Specify a value for variable 0P_FVAEX

ABORT: System error in program SAPLRRKO and form APPEND_KHANDLE_1-01-

P/S: I have all data loaded successfully, and am attempting to execute query : 0CCA_C11_Q004<u></u>

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Answers (4)

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Hi John...

maybe this can be useful...

OSS Note 660514 "BCT-CO-OM: SAP Exit variable 0P_FVAEX is not filled"...



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Hi John,

The system cannot find fiscal year variant.

Anil pointed out the right way.

Most likely, master data that he was talking about is Controlling area 0CO_AREA. Find it in your BW. Look at master data. If it has fiscal year variant for some co_areas then in the value enter screen of the query you can use that one.

If there is no value at all, you can either load CO_AREA master data from a source system (if the appropriate DS and IS are set up) or try to enter manually master data into 0CO_AREA. In the latter case there is no guarantee that you'll enter master data properly. Just give it a try.

Best regards,


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Hi Eugene,

Yes, the InfoSource <b>Controlling area(0CO_AREA)</b> is loaded with Master Data from R/3

DataSource : Controlling Area(0CO_AREA_ATTR)

DataSource : Controlling Area(0CO_AREA_TEXT)

My Controlling Area is 1000

Chart of Accounts : CABM

Currency : USD

Currency Type : 20

Fiscal Year Variant : BM

FM AREA : empty

Source System : empty

Standard Hierarchy: 1000-BMF

Description : bla bla

I have also Right - Click on the Source System tab; selected Currencies, Unit of Measurement, Fiscal Year Variants with Update Table : MODE

However, problem remains!!!

I think the problem is because this variable

0FISCVARNT - SAP Exit (0P_FVAEX) is not in the selection when my POP-UP appears(during the execution of my BEx Report)

Please advice

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Take a look on the source code of Function module RSVAREXIT_0P_FVAEX . In the code , master data of few characterstics are bieing used in the calculation of fiscal year variant. So make sure that master data is available in BW for those characterstics.

And also update teh tables of BW , by selecting option 'Transfer Global settings, from the context menu of source system in source system tree.

With rgds,

Anil Kumar Sharma .P

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