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Assing device component problem

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Our scenario is MI 7.0 SP11 on Windows 2003 64bit

Issue: Assign a device component

we have an issue when we try assign a device component to a

device id. What we are doing is trying to assign a device component to

a device that we have already synchronized and with an ID assigned. We

go to Device Maintenance, select one device id for an specific user,

select device components tab, Add/Remove, select our Mobile Component,

save, and then nothing happened, we are not able to see in the list of

components assigned our component that we just added.

We only see the Mobile Engine component (MOBILEENGINE_JSP) Version

70110 with state Deletion with next synchronization. But when we

synchronize the MI Client, it downloads our application and then the

data, and everything is ok. But if we go to the Mobile Components Tab,

we still not able to see our applications assigned. Also sometimes,

when we synchronize the application, the first times everything is ok,

but is some synchronization the application is deleted without any

reason, and we lost everything in the Client.

Please any suggest?

Thanks a lot


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Hi Gabriel,

well, based on the information you gave, this is just a guess, but it was the error I was dealing with the first time when using MI NWA.

When you search for a component, a new window opens. There you are asked to enter Name, Version and User in the search field. Well, usually you just enter the name of the component and press search. Then you see the list with the component and you select one and press save.

If you have not entered the name of the user, that is the problem. The UI there is a typical SAP UI. If you look carefully and you know what to do it is great, if you are new it has its traps.

Well, if you have not given the username, the error message shows up in the first line of the INITIAL window, not in the search window! That is the first strange thing and second: the user is not necessary for the search, but necessary for the safe. If you have a look into the list of already assigned apps, there you see the app name - in your case MOBILEENGINE_JSP and the user ID. So please enter the same UserID into the search window and then press the save button. Usually the item then shows up in the list.

I hope this helps to solve the issue.