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Activate a given web service

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Hi Experts,

I was told to activate Web Services. I did google but couldn't find 100% satisfying solution.

I have these 2 details:

Service Name: EmployeeMasterDataBundleReplicationRequest_In in component PA_SE_IN

Service URL (Called by middleware) : http://sd1ascs.clientname.loc:443/sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/employeemasterdatabundlerepli1?sap-client=550

I followed this link:

But i am hearing that "its NOT active complete with some connection error while accessing"

My action: I went to tcode: SOAMANAGER and then i chose "Simplified Web Service Configuration".

In the "Search Pattern", i happened to input *Emp*Bundl* and pressed 'GO'.

I happened to see Web service Name or Service Definition(i think) under Internal Name column.

I checked on the box Username/Password(basic) and saved .

I got msg under "Text" column like "activation successful" with config name : 98798777978

Please tell me if i did something wrong?


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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I added the tags for ICF and ABAP WebService Runtime. Perhaps they can answer this question.

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Hi Ricky,

it looks like the service is no longer supported by SAP.

2712671 - Employee MasterData Replication - Service EmployeeMasterDataBundleReplicationRequest_In is...

A possible solution (depending on your systems and scenario) is described here:

Setting up the Middleware Using EmployeeMasterDataBundleReplicationRequest_In

There are some SAP Notes on this topic.


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Hi, I am not aware if SAP is supporting or not.

I Just want to know if i am activating it in a right way.