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Dear SAP HANA Cloud Portal and Fiori Launchpad Trial Users,

SAP HANA Cloud Portal and Fiori Launchpad enables interested parties to try and experience the products on a Trial version.

The Trial is a freebie license on top of the latest SAP HANA Cloud Portal and Fiori Launchpad version with some usage limitations.
(for more details seeSAP HANA Cloud Platform, Portal Service – Get Your Free Trial Today!)

I have self-provisioned my trial account to SAP HANA Cloud Portal but still cannot use the service!

In some rare cases, the self-provisioning to the SAP HANA Cloud Portal service doesn't fully go through.

If you encounter any basic runtime issues, please verify that the following steps are executed:

  1. Service Enable Link
    On the service panel, make sure that the Enable link is changed to Enabled and that the link itself is grayed out (disabled).
    If not, press on Enable and wait a few seconds until the provisioning is completed.

  2. Role Assignment
    On the service panel, click on the icon for Configure Roles and then on the web role TENANT_ADMIN.
    Verify that your user ID (of the same IDP as in your account Trust settings) is set under that role.
    If not, add your user to the role.

  3. Subscription to Fiori Launchpad client-side application
    On the account level, go to Subscriptions to view and edit your subscribed JAVA and HTML5 applications.
    Under the Subscribed HTML5 Applications table, verify that your account is subscribed to the application flpportal of the provider account trial.
    If not, click on New Subscription, search for the application flpportal of the provider account trial, check it and save (do not change the default Subscription Name).

  4. Trust Settings
    On your account level, go to Trust to open your account trust settings.
    On the Local Service Provider pane, make sure that the property Principle Propagation is set to True.
    If not, edit the settings and change it to True.

I tried everything but still nothing works!

In case all of the above actions are done and you still encounter incidents when trying to use the product, you can post your incident in the SAP HANA Cloud Portal community discussions with exact account details and our support team will assist you.

Hope this information helps..

Amit Maimon

Solution Architect & DevOps Expert

Cloud Experience