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Product and Topic Expert

The objective of this blog post is to help provide the knowledge around establishing the live data connection between SAP Analytics Cloud and the SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) system.  

This allows the SAP Analytics Cloud users to leverage this connectivity to directly plug with SAP IBP system with SAC and run real-time analytics on top of the SAP IBP data. This means that, any changes made to the SAP IBP data will be immediately reflected in the SAC stories and models using this new live connection. The SAC users can also leverage the ‘cross-data analytics’ as the single SAC story in the SAC enterprise system could now be created based on the data coming from multiple data sources such as SAP HANA, SAP S/4 HANA, SAP BW, and many more data sources.  This of course now includes SAP IBP.   

Checkherefor an overview around the several data connections offered by SAC. Below is the architecture for the SAC live data connection to an SAP IBP system using Direct connection type.  




  • System details and the login credentials to the SAP Integrated Business Planning system.   
  • Setup SSO (optional): If you want users to have a single sign-on experience to your data, check you are using same Identity Provider (IdP) forSAP Analytics CloudandSAP NetWeaver. For more information on setting up your identity provider in SAP Analytics Cloud, seeEnable a Custom SAML Identity Provider.  


Steps to create the live connection:  

  1. On IBP, create a new communication system using the Communication Systems app.  For the technical details, enter the host name of the SAP Analytics Cloud system with schema 


  1. Create a new communication arrangement using the Communication Arrangements app. Use communication scenario SAP_COM_0065. Maintain the tenant ID of the SAP Analytics Cloud system.  This can be found in the system URL of the SAC system.  For example:«tenant ID»/app.html. 


The full details on the IBP configuration steps can be found in the SAP IBP2405 documentation under: Administration -> Communication Management -> Communication Scenarios in SAP IBP -> SAP Analytics Cloud Integration 

Creating the live connection in the SAP Analytics Cloud: 

1. From the side navigation, choose Connections -> (Add Connection). 

TheSelect a data sourcedialog will appear.  


2. ExpandConnect to Live Dataand selectSAP Integrated Business Planning.  


3. In the dialog, enter a name and description for your connection.  

The connection name cannot be changed later.  


4. Add yourSAP Integrated Business Planning host name.  

5. HTTPS Port is optional.   

6. (Optional) Choose aDefault Languagefrom the list.  

This language will always be used for this connection and cannot be changed by users without administrator privileges.  

7. Under Authentication Method it is by default selected as ‘SAML Single Sign On (Standard-Compliant)  


8. SelectOK. 

Note: After creating a connection to a remote system and before creating a model from a remote system, you must log off and log on toSAP Analytics Cloudagain.  

Please watch this video to find more details. 

You can configure a successful live connection between SAP Analytics Cloud and the SAP Integrated Business Planning systems by following the above steps.