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The PI 7.1 AF Messaging System does not, by default, persist the audit logs of successfully processed asynchronous messages.

Instead the audit logs for successful asynchronous messages are stored in an internal memory cache which is flushed on system restart. The logs, while stored in the cache, are available for monitoring but cache entries are evicted - using a ‘least recently used' (LRU) removal strategy - when the cache is full. The longevity of cache entries is dependent on message throughput.

The audit logs for unsuccessfully processed messages continue to be persisted and are therefore available for troubleshooting.

The persistence of audit logs for successfully processed asynchronous messages may be required for business reasons or performance analysis therefore to revert to the behaviour of previous XI/PI versions  (i.e., all message audit logs are persisted to the database) change the value of the Messaging System service -

property -


from the default




(then Modify -> Save -> Restart Messaging Service ** )

The Netweaver Administrator navigation to change the property is -

Configuration Management -> Infrastructure -> Java System Properties -> Services -> XPI Service : Messaging System


  Performance will be adversely affected by changing this value.

** to restart JEE services -

     (1) from the menu option Related Tasks -> Start & Stop: Java EE Services

on this ‘Java System Properties' page or

     (2) Operation Management -> Systems -> Start & Stop -> Java EE Services