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To speed up testing and improve software quality, you can transfer Solution Documentation and test assets from the SAP® Solution Manager application management solution to the SAP Quality Center/ ALM application by HP. You can then test in SAP Quality Center/ ALM, display the results in SAP Solution Manager, and synchronize your quality center defects with service desk tickets

Testing Inefficiencies

Any change to your solution landscape requires testing to ensure software quality and minimize business and IT risk. But since so many testing tasks require manual effort, quality assurance teams find themselves pressed for time. To stay on schedule, teams must often either delay the release or skip critical tests. Either option results in higher cost and a riskier quality process

Better for Both Quality Managers and Product Managers

To address this challenge, SAP has developed an adapter that integrates the SAP® Solution Manager application management solution and the SAP Quality Center application by HP, used for software testing. This allows you to transfer your business blueprint structure and related documents, specifications, business requirements, links, and test objects such as transactions, implementation guide activities, or custom programs. Quality managers use this information to plan and structure their test projects efficiently. Integration between the service desk of SAP Solution Manager and the defect management of SAP Quality Center makes test execution faster and more transparent. Project managers benefit as well. Test results are transferred regularly and automatically into SAP Solution Manager and are monitored centrally. Project managers gain greater control over testing processes and can reuse critical information to support future upgrades and continuous businessimprovement projects. The result is an integrated testing environment, as shown in the figure below, helping you reduce the time and cost of deploying new software and upgrades.

Higher Quality, Less Cost, Reduced Risk

Integration between the tools lets testing teams work in their familiar environments. Because information for one application is made visible in the other, your IT staff doesn’t have to master separate testing tools, and you have a far more efficient testing process that improves software quality and reliability. Testing is standardized and integrated projectwide, and information is consolidated in a single view to support informed release decisions. The efficiency you gain can reduce costs and, more importantly, help minimize the risk of outages and other problems caused by poor testing


Partner Test Management - Adapter User Guide

The Partner Test Management – Adapter enables the customer to integrate the SAP Solution Manager & HP ALM (formerly HP QC). This document would explain you the process involved in SAP Solution Manager as well as in the Partner

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