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How to use "Find and Replace" Enterprise Portal feature for mass property changes of iViews.

After several requests from SAP customers I have recognized that it is not clear for them how to change system alias property values that are used in content with back-end connectivity.

A very common case for usage of "Find and Replace" functionality are changes of the "System" property value for all iViews in a specific folder.
The AI (Application Integrator) iViews that are used for connectivity to the R/3, BW, CRM etc., has specific property with system alias value that need to be changed.

Usually iViews are added to the content structure (Role, Workset, Page) as delta-links and all iViews have a default "System" property value that need to be changed with specific value after content imported from another Portal or moved to another folder.

Let's start …

Login to the Portal as Content Admin or Super Admin user.

First step is to start search for iViews in the folder with content that needs to be changed.

Right click on folder will show menu:  Search -> Find and Replace

Wizard show first "Define Criteria" step:

1. Select "iView" object type

2. Select "Search for non-unit objects"

3. Choose "Add Row" button

4. Enter as text Property ID "System"

5. Enter current Value to be searched. (screenshot example NWTCLNT000)

6.  Click "Next" button.

The search result contains all iViews (all types of iView object) with property "System" that has value "NWTCLNT000"

In this example the result contains default objects ( used for content creation) that are located in the same folder as all content so I have decided to remove them from the planned change.
You can see that result contains all types of iView (BSP, IAC, Transaction, WD ABAP, etc...)

The next step is to provide new value to replace old one:

In the Property input-field enter again "System"

Enter new value

Select method: Overwrite .....

Click Next and review content prepared for changes:

In the screenshot above you are able to see the summary for prepared changes: property id, new value and method, and a table of content that contains old value

Click on Finish button and enjoy results :smile:

This blog is valid for Enterprise Portal 7.3x , 7.4x , 7.5x and higher versions.