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End-to-end processes are enabled by integrated solutions. Today, integration goes hand in hand with modular cloud-native development to ensure large-scale success.

For decades, SAP has helped organizations automate, integrate, and adapt their business processes to changing requirements with supreme ERP software. However, today our customers and we ourselves are facing and shaping a reality in which business processes and data are more globally distributed, companies are more interconnected, and the entire economy is more complex than ever before. Consequently, companies are challenged by an ever-increasing complexity in integrating across entire value chains to turn business data into insights and action and improve customer experience and satisfaction. The intelligent enterprise is the foundation for modern and interwoven business processes in the cloud and on-premise.

With the cloud comes standardization, but we know that every company and line of business is different and the interactions between them are unique in every enterprise. As a result, business demands for software functionality are constantly changing. It still boggles my mind when I think about the level of flexibility and agility that is required here. To keep up with this reality, we need modular software with highest cloud qualities.

Therefore, I am more than excited for this year’s SAP TechEd where our teams will present the latest developments of SAP Cloud Platform and how it helps enterprises to extend solutions, such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud and entire cloud-based business processes across multiple SAP cloud solutions, including  SAP C/4HANA.

That is why I am very proud of the next level that our SAP Cloud Software Development Kit (SDK) has reached. Grown out of a pure toolkit for SAP S/4HANA Cloud where it already enabled many customer, partner, and SAP applications to move smoothly into the cloud-native sphere, it now empowers extensions of all our line of business solutions. Thus, it delivers on our commitment to bridge our individual cloud solutions.

For example, with the platform and tools, customers can easily provide a custom HR process step as extension to SAP SuccessFactors and wire it up into their overall hire-to-retire process. Companies can also offer new experiences to their customers by extending the lead-to-cash process with exciting new capabilities turning business data from SAP S/4HANA and SAP C/4HANA into business value using SAP’s machine learning services.

In this context, the SAP Cloud Development Kit will help our customers to substantially increase application quality while significantly reducing development effort. Customers and partners can focus on their business purpose and logic, as the SDK libraries take care of the low-level infrastructure and repetitive, boilerplate code, such as authentication or connectivity. Our open source continuous delivery pipeline helps developers to frequently deploy and release applications to production. They no longer have to set up continuous delivery and are thus able to get features and fixes quickly to the end users. In short: You can live true DevOps culture and deliver on the agility your business demands.

I’m looking forward to seeing many more helpful and creative features and connections in the future!