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Dear Followers

The system copy procedure is a very common process used by several customers around the world, but in somethimes it results in some errors, or inactive objects. Therefore I decided to create this blog post with some relevant information documentation and notes that can be used for avoid furthe issues.

The process of copying SAP BW systems can be carried out using a range of approaches. To identify the best approach in accordance with your own requirements, it is recommended to first to read up on the available SAP Documentation and settle on the scenario accordingly.

The main guide to perform a systemcopy with a consistent result is described in the following resources:

886102 System Landscape Copy for SAP NetWeaver BW BW System Copy

If for some reason the result is inconsistent (objects are missing or pointing to the old logical system name, etc), then the copy procedure described in the consulting note 886102 was not followed and performed properly. Therefore the copy procedure must be repeated by following the guides provided above.

If the copy has been performed based on the described procedure, the following resources offer steps to solve problems related to the systemcopy itself:

2005372 - Error messages after system refresh procedure (RSAR, E0)

2009368 - Inactive BW objects after system refresh or BDLS procedure

2176213 - Important SAP notes and KBAs for BW System Copy Guide for BW Source System issues Myself connection How to check a BW <-> SAP source system connection

The SAP Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM) offers a framework, with which the tasks outlined in the above resources can be automated. For further details about this tool, please check the following resources: Post Copy Automation ABAP Post Copy Automation

1707321 BW System Copy: Post Copy Automation (BW-PCA)

Janaina Steffens