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Configuring payloads for the SAP NetWeaver Add-On for Event enablement has become remarkably straightforward, all thanks to the Payload Designer.

This powerful tool enables you to effortlessly add tables, define relationships with inner joins, left outer joins, rename tables and fields, all through simple configuration.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of configuring your payload with just a few easy steps.

If you you are new to SAP Enterprise Messaging in SAP ERP systems and the Integration Add-on, you can have a look at following Blog-Posts:


System Prerequisite

One of the Software components needs to be availabvle on your system:

  • SAP NetWeaver Event-enablement Add-on (SAP Event Mesh Edition)

  • or, alternatively, ASAPIO Integration Add-on – Framework (full version)


All software above requires the purchase of appropriate licenses.



Creating Custom Payloads with Payload Designer

Step 1: Creating Custom Payloads with Payload Designer

1. Navigate to transaction /n/ASADEV/DESIGN.

Click the "Create Payload Designer" button on the main screen and fill in the necessary fields. This action creates the initial version of the payload and takes you to the main screen.

Creating a Payload Designer version in transaction /n/ASADEV/DESIGN

2. Use the join builder to establish table joins.

  • Insert new tables or custom views.

  • Adjust table joins through field connections.

  • Return to the main screen.

  • Note: Parent relationships in the Table section and key fields in the Field section are automatically determined based on hierarchical sorting.

3. Add additional payload fields from the tables:

  • Double click on the preferred table.

  • Select one or multiple fields.

  • Fields can be reordered using sequence numbers.

Step 2: Outbound Configuration Using Payload Designer

To configure outbound objects using Payload Designer, follow these steps:

  1. Access transaction SPRO.

  2. Navigate to IMG > Cloud Integrator – Connection and Replication Object Customizing or directly to transaction: /ASADEV/68000202.

  3. Select the created connection.

  4. Go to the "Outbound Objects" section.

  5. Add a new entry and specify the following:

    • Object: Name of the outbound configuration.

    • Extraction Func. Module: /ASADEV/ACI_GEN_PDVIEW_EXTRACT.

    • Load Type: Incremental Load.

    • Trace: Activate for testing purposes.

    • Formatting Func.: /ASADEV/ACI_GEN_VIEW_FORM_CB.

    • Field Payload View Name: Payload Name.

    • Field Payload View Version: Payload Version.

Step 3: See your Payload in the ACI_Monitor

Navigate to transaction /n/ASADEV/ACI_MONITOR


Payload Designer simplifies SAP interface configuration by providing a user-friendly, code-free approach to defining payloads. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, it enables organizations to streamline their data integration processes and improve efficiency in managing payloads for event messages sent to the SAP Event Mesh.

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