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Hi all,

We are on SAP BW7.4 running on SAP HANA.
The SP level was upgraded to SP11  yet issues continued with CP.
I am here sharing few SAP Notes  recommended by SAP which are must haves when using Composite Provider.
Hope fully this small list helps in fixing below issues.

But first, the landscape should be  enriched with SP level 11 or higher.
But for now..below notes may help any of us..

SAP NoteDecsription
2147414HCPR: Error in use of navigation attributes
2146207HCPR: System displays incorrect data for a join characteristic on a LeftOuterJoin
2144863HCPR: "Inconsistent calculation model/ColumnView < > not found (cannot get cata
2148754HCPR: Korrekturen für REQTSN Behandlung / InputParameter in gestacktem HCPR
2161625HCPR: "plan operation failed" when displaying HCPR with unassigned fields
2163945HCPR: Aggregation instead of MultiProvider node/generation of master data for new values
2166458Incorrect data/no data for CompositeProvider with join on compound characteristic
2174261Query on Composite Provider terminates with non-cumulative Keyfigures and Navigation Attributes / 0REQUID_SID
2181672Failed to find source column *_SID in itab
2185225Processing of key figures and NULL values from SAP HANA models
2188360PartProvider cluster statistic information missing when CompositeProvider accessed
2198886Invalid query;Could not find attribute $$<InfoObject>$$
2205034Error during creation of V2 view in CompositeProvider activation
2205413Failed to find source column *_SID in itab
2209965 Hierarchies are not transferred to the database in a CompositeProvider query
2213427CL_RSDRV_TREX_HCPR_QUERY does not return NameMapper in layer context in GET_TREX_PARTS
2219045Corrections for CompositeProvider check: Compounding, near-line storage
2224454-CHECK_SELDR1- and 'NULL value with SID not supported'

Will update this doc, if more notes are implemented to fix any other more issues.
Thanks to all mates for if you find this doc a bit helpful.

All Regards...

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Nice Sharin :smile:

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Hi ,

We Upgrade from SP09 to SP14 in 740.

When we were in SP09 we used ADSO in Composite Provider without problem. Now with SP14 the only enable classic DSO.

do you have the same problem?.


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