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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

BOP stands for Backorder Processing. It refers to the functionality within SAP Advanced Available to Promise (aATP) that allows users to manage and process backorders. This involves monitoring and handling orders that cannot be fulfilled due to various reasons or other constraints. BOP enables businesses to efficiently manage and prioritize backorders.

Advanced Backorder Processing API allows customers to leverage advanced capabilities for order fulfillment, enhancing their efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

The service contains two operations to trigger the backorder processing:

  • RecheckRqmtsByDocumentDetails: Provides an option to verify the product availability of a specified set of requirements.RecheckRqmtsByDoucmentDetails.png
  • RecheckRqmtsByProdPlant: Provides an option to verify the product availability of requirements belonging to a set of product plant combination. RecheckRqmtsByProdPlant.png

API Testing: (Note: Request and Response snapshots are from Gateway Client)

Action tested: RecheckRqmtsByDocumentDetails



Execution results in Monitor BOP Run application.Monitor BOP Run.png



Naveen Kumar Chikkanna