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DSN - OrderRequest flow in error

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Hello Experts,

we are currently facing an issue for PO flow by sending it from S4 to AN. We activated the flow, configured the message type, enabled the User Exit in SPRO, configured the Project in CIG and configured the routing rules in AN.

CIG seems not able to route properly the document to AN due to an inchoerent structure of the cXML.

Transaction tracker reports error: ERROR: Order Routing Info not available.

but actually, checking in Tab Activity in Transaction Number, Routing stage is OK, but instead the error is in Outboud Stage.

Furthermore, if we analyse the Outbound payload in Document Validator section, error is located in Source Content Schema Validation, with generic error message "Source Content Schema not available for Document: cXML - OrderRequest - 1.2.046".

Seems that the 1st row of the cXML expected is different, and actually the correct content is passed on the 2nd row of the cXML. In any case, we did not edit any additional mapping for this flow at moment.

Not sure if error is in the std mapping in CIG or in something related to extracted IDOC in backend.

Please let us have your valuable feedback so we can address a proper solution.


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Troubleshooting steps:

1) Compare generated IDOC with a working one.

2) Probably email address value is missing in IDOC which is resulting in error with cxml

3) update email address on the vendor profile in SAP and re-try again.