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I received a question by email today on the navigaton toolbar customization and wanted to share the answer with the community. Here you go.

The question is if and how it is possible to disable the item "Create Contract Document" from the navigation menu for "Contract Management".

The answer is that this is easily possible with configuration option "Toolbar Customization".

Here is the result:

To do this, you will create a toolbar customization under System Setup -> Toolbar Customization as shown below:

The tricky part of it is to identify the right target toolbar ID. In this specific case it is the concatenation of the actual toolbar ID with a sequence of action IDs representing the navigation hierarchy. This information can be found in System Setup -> System Toolbars, where you first have to find the right toolbar that you need to look at. In this case, for an action in the buyside navigation toolbar, it is the "System Navigation Tabset (Buyside)".

From here, gather the relvant Toolbar and Action IDs:

Navigation Toolbar ID:


Toolbar Actions with Action IDs:

SRM Navigation Group = odpbluenavgroup_eso

Contract Management = contract_management

Agreements = srm_agreements

Generate Contract = odpadd_contractgen.createcontract 

The Action IDs can be found on the details view of each toolbar action.

As last step, Navigation Toolbar ID and Action IDs get concatenated with dots as separator and used as "Target Toolbar ID" in the toolbar customization as we had seen above: eso.system.toolbar.navigation.odpbluenavgroup_eso.contract_management.srm_agreements.odpadd_contractgen.createcontract.