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This document discusses modifying the Netweaver login screen to replace the default image with a custom one.


The image on the Sap Sourcing login page is modifiable through the theme object in SAP Sourcing. However when the UME is used for authentication the Sourcing login page is bypassed completely for end users.  To perform a similar branding operation on the Netweaver login page a simple property update with a new image is required.

Figure 1.  Property location for the Branding image

Figure 2. File location for the default branding image



     1.)  Provide a properly sized image for the login page.  As you can see the default image size is 290X360 Pixels.

This particular image was sized to 290 X 304 Pixels this should do fine. Sizing can be done in Paint or another image manipulation tool of choice.


Pl     2.) Place this file in the proper location.



         3.) Open  Netweaver Configtool and locate the  ume.login.branding_image  property. It is in :

inIi     Instance-->Services-->com.sap.security.core.ume.service.

4.       4.) Replace the current file value by setting a custom value, saving the change and restarting the instance.  .  In my case the file was called dude.png.  The property was changed to: layout/dude.png.

5.       5.) After restart the login page should be modified.

6.       6.) Other properties can also be modified to further effect the login page. For instance the branding_ text.

The application is now ready to be used.