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Currently, Electromobility is starting to gain momentum again and is one element of the so-called energy transition.

The key benefits of Electromobility are:

  • The operation of all kinds of electric vehicles (EV) using regenerative energies to fuel their batteries produces significantly less CO2.
  • EVs could also help balance the volatile energies coming from wind and sun serving as "rolling" energy storage solutions (Smart Grid).

The German government has set ambitious goals and wants to become both the leading market provider for EV technologies, and the leading EV market, and also bring 1 million EVs to the market by 2020.

The adoption rate of all types of EVs and public charging spots has remained relatively low up to now. Most EVs are licensed in the US (223,000 EVs), followed by China (29,000) and Japan (88,500). The increasing variety of models on the market now means that the necessary charging infrastructure needs to be installed urgently, even if further developments in battery technology are to be expected in the coming years that might overcome the current restrictions to the EV range.

However, not only in Germany but also globally, the importance of Electromobility is also becoming obvious, particularly in those counties that apply flanking framework conditions (tax or purchase incentives, area-wide and easy accessible public charging infrastructure, standardized plugs...).

Finally, and according to futurologist Lars Thomsen the key tipping point with regards to the mobility of the future will occur within the next 200 weeks. This will boost Electromobility worldwide.

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What does this mean for you and how can SAP help?

At this year´s conference we will introduce our solution portfolio in the Electromobility area and also discuss viable business models - especially those that are relevant for the utilities industry.

We are offering:

  • Two microforums at which we will present an overview of our current solution portfolio.
  • Directly after the forums, you will have the opportunity to meet the experts in a discussion round.
  • I will also be available on both days for individual meetings with you to discuss your specific questions. Feel free to send me an email to arrange a fitting time slot

Stay tuned for more details, and remember to sign up for the conference!

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