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During the recent Webinar on Friday, July 24 titled „Enabling Data Driven Intelligence in the Hyper-Connected World of the Energy and Natural Resources  Industries“,OSIsoft and SAP came together to showcase how uniting your IT and OT organizations can help your company realize the full potential of the
Internet of Things and how companies are using a data-driven approach to improve business models, support transformation, and thrive in a competitive environment.

Because many terms used in the context of IoT, like IT and OT convergence or integration or hyper-connectivity, OSIsoft and SAP came up with a set of  common definitions for the webinar and for the future. We wanted to leave the audience and you with a clear impression what business outcome and value, OSIsoft and SAP can help create for and with you as we connect more networked sensors and equipment for new insights. For us it is not about generating more data, but utilize the already existing data to transform the way you make decisions and take actions. As you revolutionize your business and re-imagine not just your customers’ experience, you can continue to act as a digital master of the transformation and shape innovative business processes and models to gain more competiveness.

With the variety of speakers during the webinar, from Sunny Mohar of Suncor Energy to Peter Reynolds of ARC, it was clear that in order to manage the challenges of digital transformation, we cannot continue by treating information and operational technology as silos, but need to combine the operation and business insights from MES, PLC, LIMS and SCADA systems with ERP transaction data, unstructured and structured big data.

Also based on the many questions, we received during the webinar, there was another key learning for me. While OSIsoft and SAP, together with our industry partner ecosystem and for our customers, can come up with a number of examples of industry use cases that create value, every customer is at a different stage of their IT and OT integration or digital transformation journey. While examples like asset health and uptime or pipeline integrity management are great initial use cases, we want to engage further with you. And maybe the process can be as simple as outlined in this workshop approach:

  1. Preparation
    What functions shall be explored and what data is already available across your organization? What would be success criteria for your IoT or IT/OT initiative?
  2. Use case development
    Based on the anticipated value of real-time data-driven decisions, of faster more effective data analysis and faster transaction processing, how would the inventory of use cases look like? What are cost estimates for the implementation from an IT, OTand business perspective?
  3. Business case and execution plan
    To finalize the plan with and for your executive leadership preparing an executive presentation with cost-benefit analysis and use case descriptions to articulate the results of our approach will be the final stage.

If you want to continue your journey with us for example in utilities, there is a great opportunity in September to explore and discuss what uses cases your IT and OT organizations can unite for to realize their full potential. Join us at SAP for Utilities from Sunday, September 13 until 15 and participate in one of the workshops offered for attendees by SAP and our partners.

Together with Kevin Walsh of OSIsoft, I am presenting in the workshop “Driving Value from IT & OT Convergence" on September 16th from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Further information on this topic will also be shared in the presentations of the "Operational Excellence" Track taking place on September, 15th as well as the workshop with Rory Shaffer "Moving from Data Overload to Business Insight" on September 16th from 8:30a.m. to 12:30p.m.

Please follow us on @SAPIndustries #SAP4UTL and the SAP for Utilities LinkedIn group to get more information regarding the conference.

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