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Hi all,i created the site with wrong site profile by mistake ,, so can i change it now in wb02 or is there any way to change it.B'coz it is coming in display mode in wb02I also checked all field staus related to transaction code and site profile but ...

Resolved! IS-Retail sales component

Hi all,I wanna create saleset by using component as saleset , but system is not allowing to do that . Is it standard funcionality of the system or anyother setting is required for that .regards,praful

IS Retail - Perishable planning list

HiI am trying to generate perishable planing list. System is not giving any message nor any materials are appearing after execution in WDFR.I have created seperate assortment list type with AL structure "WBBP_WDFR".Assortment is generated. Material t...

Resolved! IS-RETAIL

HI all,I am creating generic article for seasonal articles with the required varients. i also mentioned the seftey levels for each varient.My requirement is that when i;ll generate MRP run for that generic article system should automatically crate th...

Two-step price calculation

Hi All,I am facing a problem in reaching the final price of an article at the store level. The price to be taken at the store level is the landed price at DC with mark-up and transfer costs added to it. I will take an example here to elaborate on th...

EA-Retail problem

I have installed ECC 6 and activated EA-Retail thru transaction sfw5.But still I am not able to run the transaction mm41 , wb01 . Its giving the message system is not set as SAP Retail system.What more is required for activating EA-Retail.

Resolved! Urgent

Dear Gurusin ISretail we are using set article .. while creating that article as a set article we are giving components for that article and at the time of creatring stock transport order components are exploding and at the time of doing VL10B (ie) o...

Stock Transfer from One Store to Store

Hi Retail Gurus,I have just entered working on IS Retail,basically I am an SD consultant.I have a Client who has implemented IS Retail.Now,coming to the query,I want transfer the stock which is in Store A to Store B without any Valuation.Kindly Help ...


hello all,I wanna cofigure IS-RETAIL for pharma and requirement is that i wanna pass the batch and expiry date in POS and same should be reflected while inbound is there any standard functionality available other than WPMA as there is nom...

sales price

Hi all,i want to see final current sales price of ( field name ENDPA ) mantained sitewise for newly created article. But no records output for that article in table WKBP . If any transaction is done on that article or any changes made then table WKBP...

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