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Entries not deleted from /POSDW/TLOGUS

Hi,We have data being created in table /POSDW/TLOGUS in CAR. The rows are sometimes created with a dummy sales material if the material was not found on the till. This data is successfully sent to ECC (via Idoc) where the dummy material is replaced w...

che_eky by Active Contributor
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execute listing function from BAPI

Hello,I' m creating article using bapi 'BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT'. Views being created are BASIC Data, Listing and Store.I'm also assigning a listing procedure in the BAPI for each article. My questions is regarding 'EXECUTE LISTING' functionali...

Empties in Retail

We have some issues with empties management. Hope someone has a recommendation how we can improve the way we currently implemented it… In the Netherlands we have deposit on all bottles made of PET material (PET = kind of plastic), with a value of ...

Resolved! User exit for COND_A

HiI want to change VAKEY in E1KOMG segment and i found 2 user exits: EXIT_SAPLVKOE_001EXIT_SAPLVKOE_002now when my abaper tried putting a breakpoint, and when i tried sending price through VK12 - send conditions... its not getting into the exit. How ...

Value only material(IS Retail)

Hi gurusHow the process of value only article P2P cycle in IS RETAil,right from article creation to issue in stores Pls help me to the significance of defining Inventory Profile and Revaluation profile mentioning at site level.Pls help me to know ,an...

Assortment WSOA2

Hi All,I accidentally delete an assortments from a active user in WSOA2 due to user missinfomation. Is it possible to undo the deletion or is it possible to redo the assortment? Is there any consequences for doing these options? Thanks in advanc...

edan_bz by Member
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Resolved! Deposit on displays components

Hi experts, does anyone have an idea or experience with the following problem?I have an article (like yoghurt). This article is delivered with an deposit on the empty of the article. I could use the standard functionality of empties processing.Now, t...

​Merchadise group in Retail - suggestions

Hello, I have to build a merchandise hierarchy for a client. They are proposing to have a hierarchy in which at the first level we have differentiation by brand. However, in this way, they are creating redundancies. It would be something like thi...

fosk by Member
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