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Resolved! Documentation on IS Retail

Hi All,can any one pls send me the documentation on IS Retail. If the docs throw more light on Retail Pricing Config and POS related info, will be more e-mail ID is: <b></b>U'll be rewarded with Max Points.Thank...

Memory could not be "read" error

I have a few end users who occasionally receive the following Windows error message after trying to close out the SAP Logon Pad:The instruction at "0x60fb138e" referenced memory at "0x586ca988". The memory could not be "read" Click on OK to terminate...

IS Retail - MRP Minus

HiHow i do the configuration for MRP minus pricing calculation scenario, I have done the cost plus scenario by taking net purchase price through EKNN, adding markup through AUFS and discount through KA02 but don't know MRP minus, because if i take M...

IS-retail sales component

Hi all i created generic article and its varients for seasonal wears. and mantained diffrent sales price of varients with pricing profile 2 . But not each time this sales price of the varient get updated in the WKBP table sometimes it gets sometime...

SAP IS Retail server Installation

Hi,Please kindly let me know from the below Functionalities which are perfectly relavent to have installed IS Retail Server:1.SAP Merchandising for Retail.2.SAP Merchandising & Assortment Planning for Retail.3.SAP Extended Sourcing for Retail.4.SAP...

Structured Articles

Dear All , What r the accounting entries taking place when we post sales of sales set at store ... What all accou nts are hit during creation of structured articles and sales of structured article at store.....RegardsDipti

IS - Retail

Hi Friends, A site has been created(WB01) using a wrong Site profile and Reference site?Is it possible to change the site profile and the reference site?NOTE : I have read in that it is not possible to change the site profile,once ...

Value only article(IS Retail)

Hi Can anyone help me to know the Value only article process in SAP Retail system .How in POS level the keys associated with Merchandise category post an issue in SAP central system .The significance of inventory profile maintained in the site master

WERT Article in Contract

Situation: IS-RetailI would like to know the following:1) What is the purpose of having a WERT (Value-only) article in Contract proposal?2) What is the purpose of having a WERT article and also a Generic Article in a Contract? Generic article appears...

Resolved! IS Retail

Hi GurusI am new to IS Retail but worked in ECC 6.0, please let me have the SD cofiguration details for IS retail or send the related link details so that i will search it. Thanks in advanceBest RegardsSwami

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