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PPM decision point status problem

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Dear PPM colleagues,

I have customized some status for the decision point inside the portfolio item as bellow (PD1 to PD5 and it is showing like this because I logged in English but in Portuguese there are the descriptions).

Note that once the 1st status is choose and then saved.

After the 2nd status is selected and saved, the other status are no longer available to be selected:

I don´t know why the system behaves like this since there was a sequence that I customized (decision point status – next status) where I inserted after the PD1 (1st status) all the other 4 status PD2 until PD5.

As customized I believe that this should happen only after the PD5 status are choose because I marked the flag “end status” in the customizing done. so once choose the 2nd status I would like to have the possibility to show and choose the remaining status options (PD3, PD4, PD5) ...

please advice.


Fábio Pettian

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Fabio,

your second attachment shows the next statuses for DP status 'PD1'. Please double check that you also customized next statuses for DP status 'PD2', for this select 'PD2' status and make entries under 'Decision Point Status - Next Statuses' and repeat this for all other statuses.


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thanks Silvia.

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