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MII 14 Cannot Find PCo 2.3 WSDL - Error while getting PCo Agents

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Hi Experts,

I'm trying to create a Data Source in MII 14.0 for PCo 2.3 which is installed on another virtual server.

The port 50050 on which PCoManagementHost runs is opened for MII server (telnet is working between MII and PCo server).

When I give the URL - "http://<Fully Qualified PCo-Server Name or IP>:50050/PCoManagement" while creating Data Source, I get error message - "[C0000AE04068171100000007000013AC] Error occurred while fetching the PCo agent list; WSDL could not be found for URL http://<PCo Server IP>:50050/PCoManagement"

I can see errors in MII Logs Viewer like -

"Error while getting PCo Agents" &

[EXCEPTION] Error occurred while fetching the PCo agent list; WSDL could not be found for URL http://<PCo Server IP Address>:50050/PCoManagement

The same URL when hit through browser on MII server, it displays the WSDL schema properly.

Can anyone throw light on what might be going wrong ?

Appreciate your guidance.



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We faced similar problem. URL works in IE but not when trying to create a new connection. We have MII 14.4 with PCO 15 patch 8. To solve this problem I went to another MII server that has PCO data server and went to System Management -> Configurations and exported the Data Servers. Then went to new server and imported just the Data Servers.  Now I go back to Data Services -> Data Servers and my PCoEdart entry is now in the list. However when I updated the values the status light was still red. Next went to Security Services -> Data Access and chose my PCoEdart in the list and added security roles SAP_XMII_ADMINISTRATOR, SAP_XMII_DEVELOPER, SAP_XMII_SUPER_ADMINISTRATOR and SAP_XMII_USER which was probably overkill just a bit but the status light turned green.  When time permits I will reduce roles one by one to determine which role is truly needed but this is how we were able to solve the problem.

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Hi Tim,

Try server:50050/PCoManagement?wsdl url in the config. Check if you have included "?wsdl" or not.



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Yes we had that. My full URL was this: