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In CG02 when changing identifiers VAT is not getting updated correctly

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We have an FM exit in cg02 , through which we are trying to populate VAT ( specification ID,specification desc,CAS Number,Einecs Number etc).

In CG02 when changing the identifier for ex: changing one MATNR to another in the specification 

the VAT is not getting populated correctly.

For ex: via MATNR the component relavant to the real subtances are fetched and relavant VAT displayed.

When we change MATNR , we get all VAT displayed (ie) the VAT relavant to previous MATNR and the VAT relavant to the (changed MATNR).this should not happen.

Here while displaying VAT the details are obtained from Buffer.We cannot delete buffer as this is required for comparing.

Hence my question is it possible to get only relavant VAT to be displayed without the old values.

we are using


Is there flag need to be set in any of the parameters to get only the new details and not the old details from buffer to be displayed in cg02.

Pl provide your inputs to resolve this issue.

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Dear Thenmozhi

sorry. As with your other thread placed here: id di not catch your business scenario / problem. This may be related to the fact that you mix (in my opinion) some topics and therefore I can not catch your topic.

1.) an identifer is maintained in table ESRI

2.) a material number is manitained in ESTMM

Can you explain better this scenario?

"In CG02 when changing the identifier for ex: changing one MATNR to another in the specification

the VAT is not getting populated correctly."

The use of the APIs/BAPis in EH&S is "quite" tricky. The "flags" which are available (and the flags are important !!) are not documented very well.


PS: e.g. refer to: and