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GLM - Sequence number on/off

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Dear Experts,

This is regarding a GLM label. There are one label. the same label is being used for many customer. now only few customer want a sequence number on label and rest do not want sequence number.

Simple solution which i can think of that, create 2 labels templates in which one will be having sequence number and other will not.

But, client is asking, can't we manage the this requirement in same label template?

is there any functionality by which we can toggle sequence number On and Off based ??

can anybody guide on the same.

Thanking you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Ravi

the issue is the "list of customers" who would like to get sequence number. This is in most cases not a "static list" but dynamic. Therefore you need to find a way to handle this list of "customers". As you know: a customer is maintained using a "business partner". And you need to be specific which role you would like to use to do so. If you do not have a problem in generating customer specific report symbol: you could try to use an own symbol with output condition (blank compression e,g,): if in the "delivery" on of the customers is mentioned which should get ssequence number you would print; in the other case you use blank compression and you would not print (or use if/else technique; here the same result come up).


PS: the topic is more or less related to the "same material". If the same material is shipped to two different customer you can not use the "Label View" to differentiate; therefore you need to use a "own" report symbol; ini e.g. delivery the system can detect the "effected" business partner; and based on business partner (and the data maintenance in a table (should be not of type customizing)  the print out of sequence number is down;

There might be other options as well to solve the topic

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