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SAP ME printing using Loftware- Temporary File name

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Hello Experts,

I am trying to figure out how the temporary file name for printing(which looks like: Site_Document #_Date_Sequence) gets generated under D:\Temporary folder defined under System Rule maintenance - > System setup -> Document Printing Temporary Directory.

We are using Loftware for printing and it generates a .Pas file whenever hook activity for print gets triggered but sometimes it generates duplicate file name and creates printing issue.

It is a resource level printing. Also ran debugger to check the activity execution but cannot find any logs to answer how this filename sequence number is being generated. Any hints/ideas?

SAP ME: Base Counter 201707311403

Thanks for your help.


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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hi nikhil.makhija,

Consider review the documentation for the debugging and ensure you check the correct field in the Manufacturing-admin site.

The result will be able to show on the Trace file as well as in the folder which was configured in the application application server level.

Also depend on your SAPME version, proceed with ticket to the Support team for further input if anything.



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Hi alex16 , I checked but the trace file does not show any details on file sequencing logic, May be support team can help.