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TRM Module - BADI for manipulating original Cash Flows in FTR_CREATE

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Dear Experts,

Im looking for a BADI/ possibility to automatically manipulate the Calculation Base in Cash Flows of e.g. Security Transactions.

when the transactions are not fixed yet, we are able to adjust the Cash Flow manually in FTR_CREATE.

Unfortunately I didn’t find an appropriate BADI to do this automatically.

Badi „IDCFMFLOWCALC“ only allows manipulation of derived Cashflows

Badi „BADI_TB_FIMA_CF_MANIPULATE“ seems to be only called in Money Market Transactions.

Badi „FTR_TR_GENERIC“ does not allow manipulation, in only gives possibilities for custom checks.

do you know an Interface / BADI where I can achieve the desired result?

Thank you and best regards!

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