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Hi ,

During the downtime , phase XPRA_AIMMRG fails with UJT_TLOGO_AFTER_IMPORT .



Applies to:
SAP NW 7.3x to 7.4 Upgrade with BPC 10 to BPC 10.1

This white paper explains ,the probable solutions for the Downtime issue faced during the upgrade. As per SAP Note 2147932 - Method UJT_TLOGO_AFTER_IMPORT failed during XPRA phase.

Author: Tushar Pardeshi

Created on: 28th Sept 2015

System Information:-

OS  Details

Windows 2012 R2

DB  Details

MSSQL 2012 R2

SAP Version

SAP NW 731 to SAP NW740 Upgrade

Reproducing Issue:
Can be reproduced during Downtime run for Upgrade.

Phase: MAIN_NEWBAS/XPRAS_AIMMRG, Logs (XPRASUPG) & Reference Note.

Probable Causes:-

  1. BPC 10 Specific post processing steps not followed as per guide.
    This specially points to the MDX_PARSER & RSTPRFC related RFC’s & configuration. Also Global parameter is required to be maintained properly. The user ID/Password should be properly maintained for these RFC (normally logical client ABAP RFC).
  2. During upgrade, if you have locked any relevant ID’s as a procedure for downtime preparation, relevant ID’s should be unlocked (BWREMOTE etc).
  3. STMS, TP , fails. Could be recognized via STMS -> System Overview -> Checks


We can process this step by step. First Unlock the system using CMD, and process as follow

  1. BPC 10 post processing can be cross checked either during the issue/prior the downtime commences. BPC 10 Installation guide should be followed for this. Below are the few screen shot from the BPC 10 Installation guide. Also note that MDX_PARSER is TCP/IP RFC and also Non Unicode by default. Should be kept the same way. Also maintain Global Parameter for RFC. (for detail process do follow the BPC 10 Installation guide)
    Note:- If there is system copy happened in past, this needs to be updated accordingly.

  2. Check whether required users (BWREMOTE etc.) are unlocked and passwords are properly maintained. MDX_PARSER requires LIBRFC32.DLL file in kernel, which normally will not be available, as kernel will be updated during downtime. This also, is the cause for RFC MDX_PARSER to fail. Copy LIBRFC32.DLL file into kernel.

  3. Go to STMS -> System overview -> SID -> Check -> Transport Tool.
    If this fails, then take the relevant measures. In our case it fails at transport profile with, “cannot read tp profile”. And few others relative errors like, TP profile has invalid format. While tp call also fails with “Link to database failed”, ”ERROR: see tp’s stdout”. These all errors report to one single thing, TP_DOMAIN_SID.PFL not being available or readable at path SUM/abap/bin location. Once the proper file is copied / permissions if already exists are reset to full. This will show green. Post these changes, you may have to rename/delete buffer to refresh in path SUM/abap/buffer – File name SID. Always take backup before renaming/deleting.


That’s it Folks. This has been tested on couple of systems, as we faced this issue during our non prod systems upgrade, and successfully completed.


SAP BPC 10 Installation Guide

SAP BPC 10.1 Upgrade Guide

SAP SUM Guide.
SAP NW Upgrade guide.

SAP Note 2147932 - Method UJT_TLOGO_AFTER_IMPORT failed during XPRA phase