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Text in profit center documsnts

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Hi ,

We have a issue. Please can you help us in this.

When text is entered while creating FI Document , it appears correctly in the corresponding profice center document, but when the text is changed , the change doesnot get effect in Profit center document. i.e. profit center document shows old text only. Please can you guide why this happens ?

Thanks & Regards


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Dear Friend,

At the time of the creation of an FI document, the PCA docuemnt is also created online. At that point of time whatever is given in the FI document automatically flows to the PCA document.

But when we are changing an accounting document the changes will not take place in the subsequent accounting documents.



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1KE8 can be used but it will rever the old profit center doc and create new.

SEE SAP Note bellow



You change an item text in an FI document using transaction FB02. This is changed in the CO document, but the new item text is not displayed correctly in the profit center document.

Other terms

FB02, item text, SGTXT

Reason and Prerequisites

The item text is automatically transferred only during the first posting from the FI document to the profit center document. On the other hand, the change is transferred to the CO document, because FI triggers the change in CO using the module K_FI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE. For the profit center accounting, there is no such function module. So that the item text information can be transferred, the Accounting interface must be run. However, this will not run if the FI document is only changed.


In order to transfer the item text change to the profit center accounting, you must subsequently post the FI document using transaction 1KE8. For this, you MUST set the reversal switch.