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Solution Manager

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What is the use of solution manager, and what we can do with solution manager

Please Explain....



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Hi Nisha,

As far as I know

Solution Manager is one of the SAP implementation tools. Unlike ASAP, it is considered as a better and broader tool which helps in reducing down the implementation cost as well as time of the client. it is a centralized solution management tool which integrates content that helps in support and operates and monitors SAP solutions. It minimizes risk and reduces cost of ownership.

SAP AG is now recommending implementation partners to use Solution manager which is more accountable than any other SAP tools.

hope this will help you.


Krishna vamshi.

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Make a small search in sdn you can find forum and blogs on solman

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The SAP Solution Manager runs in a separate central system, to which all other SAP systems are connected. Systems that are administered using the SAP Solution Manager are referred to as "satellite Systems".

SAP Solution Manager is a centralized solution management platform that provides the tools, the integrated content, and the gateway to SAP that you need to implement, support, operate, and monitor your SAP solutions. It helps to minimize risks and to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). SAP Solution Manager runs in your solution landscape and facilitates the technical support of your distributed systems.

SAP Solution Manager is a lifecycle management platform used to implement, run and optimize SAP applications. It is used to manage the technical implementation. SAP Solution Manager provides tools and functions for the following areas:

- Business Process management

- Management of mySAP technology

- Software Change management

- Support desk management

Technically, SAP Solution manager operates as separate mySAP application system based on SAP Web Application Server; however, use of it is included in maintenance fees, so you won't incur any additional licence costs.


Arun prasad

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Solution Manager-

1. it is used for generating keys and downloading support packages

2. it is used to document user requirments and preparing senarios what needs to to be adopted using solution manager, where the blue print is the part of solution manager

3. it is used for reporting, solution desk,to manage the change requests and use to monitor entire landcape Central message processing in the SAP Solution Manager:

- Display customer data, problem description, priority, attached documents, Service Level Agreements (SLA)

- Assign processor

- Send messages to the creator and other processors

- Forward message to other processors or support units

- Create documents and URLs

- Attach documents

- Status assignment and monitoring

- Create a worklist with selection conditions