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SAP MM: Page number is missing

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Dear Expert,

Good day to you all..

I'm facing a problem now, I create a PO with 400 line item. When I print out the PO the page suppose to show as 1 of 40 pages. But the problem i'm facing now is from page 1-10 it is showing as 1-4, 2-4, 3-4 till 10-4, it suppose to show as 1-40, 2-40, 3-40 till 10-40... but when it goes to page is showing as 11-40.. Can anyone guide me how to solve this issue. I'm new to SAP mm.


Tiger Resh

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Answers (2)

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Dear Michelle,

Unfortunately we don't have developers, that's why I'm cracking my head how to solve it.

Any one can guide me....

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Hi Resh,

If there are no developers, then Need to learn SAP ABAP and analyse the code for resolution.

Active Contributor
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You should check with your developers. Most likely the PO printout has been changed. There is probably an issue with the form or code.