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Sales office and sales group and sales district

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what is the difference between Sales office and sales group and sales district,

please explain,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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sales office

A organizational unit in a geographical area of a sales organization.

A sales office establishes contact between the firm and the regional market.

sales group

A organizational unit that performs and is responsible for sales transactions.

sales district

A geographical sales district or sales region.

You can assign customers to a sales district and use the sales district to generate sales statistics.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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As per SAP Business Process

Diff are below.

Sales Office

Geographical entity of the organizational structure in business development. A sales office can be viewed as an actual office. It is assigned to a Sales Area

Sales Group

Employees of a sales office can e assigned to a sales group. It is assigned to Sales Office.

Sales District

Is a field in the Sales Area View -> Sales Tab and is used to group customer on a location basis. It can be used for reporting purposes.

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hi suresh,

sales district : Geographical location of sales region

eg; North region, southern region...

Sales office: It is physical place of the sales office

eg:umder souther region, offices are chennai, bangalore

Sales group: It is group of sales employees for different verticals

eg: Under chennai office group of employees form the sales group

all this data u have feed in cust master in sales area data tab, which is useful in reporting


Arun prasad C R

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1.Sales office

Geographical aspects of the organization in business development and sales are defined using the term sales office. A sales office can be considered as a subsidiary

2.Sales group

The staff of a sales office may be subdivided into sales groups. For example, sales groups can be defined for individual divisions.

3.sales district

you define the sales districts in which the customers' subsidiaries can be located.