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Hi all PP Guru's,

Pl explain me in detail about rescheduling , during rescheduling an order what

about purchase requisition will it also get rescheduled . What transaction used

for rescheduling an production order and MRP rescheduling . In what situation

rescheduling needs to be done pl specify ?

Pl eloborate your answer with points

points will be rewarded for suitable ans.

Thanx in advance



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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During MRP the system carries out Rescheduling check automatically. No Tcode is reqd.

Rescheduling check is to change the dates of already existing firmed receipts

which were not planned on the same day as the requirements day to suit the


For this we need to define a rescheduling horizon.

Rescheduling horizon defines the period for bringing the receipts that should be

taken into account for rescheduling.

There are two process

1.Reschedule in - Bringing the process forward Exception message 10

1. Within the recheduling horizon the system checks whether after the

requirement a firmend receipts exists which can be used to cover this


2. Then the system displays the message Bring the process forward and

exception message 10

3. The net requirement calculation uses the receipt and the system will create

new procurement proposal only if there is any shortage.

4. For this we need to define a tolerance value for bringing the process in

tcode OPPQ /OPPR

The system checks compares this value with the difference between order

finish date- Reqmts date.If this difference is more than the tolerance value

the system issues the message for the MRP element to bring the process

forward if the reqmts date lies before the firmed receipt element date.

5. Same process for Postponing the process Exception message 15.

In OPPQ you have defined the tolerance value say 2.

The difference between order finish date and reqmts date is say 4 days.

Then the system compares the tolerance value(2 days) with this 4 days.

since this 4 days is greated than tolerance value the system decides that the order proposals nedd to be rescheduled.

Then system checks whether it is bring the process or postpone the process.

If the reqmts date is before the order finish date then the system issues exception message 10 Bring the process forward.

If the reqmts date is after the order finish date then the system issues exception message 15 post pone the process.



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Thank you Nanda & suhas for the answer and it was helpful and points have

already been awarded.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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When we create PIR, then as per that date & qty. we take MRP run. During run system reads the value for scheduling from material master or routing data.

As per vales from production time, purchasing time, values from scheduling margine key.

After creation of order u can see the scheduling data, as per start or finish data.

In backward scheduling finish date is given so that after reading data system gives the expected start date of order.

Due to somw chages as per requirement of order or any other rush order,MRP controller has to change the dates of production order. That means he rescheduling nter new finish date.Then in the topleft corner u will find rescheduling tab. So the all dates gets changed in related to production.

If u want to change the puchasing dates u have to take MRP run again after saving of order.