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OT Wage Type Valuation Basis on /001 and also a capping

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Hi All,

Currently the requirements of the OT payment calculation is as follows:-

the hourly rate of the client’s requirement = Monthly (Basic Salary + Fixed Shift Allowance) / monthly work hours

assuming hourly rate = (2000 + 300) / 169 = 2300 / 169 = 13.61 (this will be /001)

For OT payment,

Currently the data of OT hours wage type is stored in IT2010.

For a particular OT wage type, eg OT Type A formula is as follows:-

= OT hours in IT2010 X hourly rate (with a cap of 2100 on base amount)

= OT hours in IT2010 (wage type A) X 2100 / 169

For OT Type B, the formula will be no capping, as follows:-

= OT hours in IT2010 (wage type B) X 2300 /169

currently the configuration has the Basic Salary and Fixed Shift Allowance wage types added to /001 and /002 in processing class 01

OT wage type A and OT wage type B both assigned to valuation basis 01 and rate 100% in table V_T511

at the same time, I have created the capping limit amount ie 2100 as a constant in table V_T511K

My question is:-

What is the right way to get the correct OT payment amount for each of OT wage type A and OT wage type B above.
(NOTE: The hourly rate in /001 is used for other calculation as well besides OT. And only OT payment calculation has the capping limit requirement.)




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Unless I am misinterpreting your requirements I would take the following approach.

'/001' is your 'basic' hourly rate.

Your OT Type B attracts '/001' so no issue there.

For OT Type A the rate to be used might be '/001' or depending on if the cap kicks in, it will be something else.

So for OT Type A you need a different valuation basis for example '/005' which would be populated in a custom PCR.