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IN MM AND FICO Integration through OBYC

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In MM Puchase flow, WHERE DO I POST THE FOLLOWING???????

Good Receipt----

> Invoice -

> Payment

Debit Inventory Debit GR/IR Debit Vendor

Credit GR/IR Credit Vendor Credit Bank

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Answers (3)

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Hi, I already maintained field status is G006 (Material account) & selected check box post automatic only under create/bank/inerest tab. Where can select post automatically check box for GR/IR clearing account (WRX) and which valuation class should I use? Thank you so much.

- Graceychic

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Please help with error message below during scrapping, movement type 555, we encountered error M7109 Account 1010000 for trans/event key BSX, postable directly. Message no. M7109

I have ticked "Post automatically only " field in the the control data tab. Checked OBYC and the G/L account was set up already in BSX under RAMT (with acct 1010000) and still the error exists. Please please help resolve.



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Dear graceychiq

were you maintained field status is G006 (Material account) & select check box popst automatic only under create/bank/inerest tab

wereyou select post automatically check box for GR/IR clearing account (WRX).



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You need to update the BSX transaction key with the GL code Inventory of Raw material accounts,

For the GR/IR account you need to update the WRX transaction key with the GL code GR/IR account.

GBB key is used for various offsetting posting entries. Within GBB transaction there are various account grouping (general modification). In this case you need to update general modification VBR with the Raw Material consumption account.

Once the required integration is done, you can post Goods Receipt through T.Code- MIGO, and Invoice through T.Code- MIRO, and subsequently Payment through F-53 (Manual) or through F110 (Automatic)

Kind Regards

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Could you check STEPS to see if I am doing it right?

1. Update BSX to GL account for Raw Material

A. Update Valuation

2.. Update WRX to GL account for GR/IR

A. Update Valuation, General Modication and Valuation class

3. Update GBB to offset posint

A. General moditify to VBR to Consumption----Could to explain so can clear????????

I try to post GR in MIGO and didn't see the OFFSET for Inventory acct (DEBIT).

Could you let me know after posting GR in MIRO, where is the OFFSET for Credit on Vendor acct.

Thanks much,


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Hi Rick,

Check this below link .... hope this would clarify all your requirements.

Kind Regards

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