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Glynn C Williams on availability check

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The Glynn C Williams Book says this on 'Controlling the Availability Check' [Page 191]:-

Both sales and delivery requirements are taken into account in the availability check in sales documents. However, in deliveries, only the delivery requirements are taken into account and there is a <b>danger that quantities reserved in the sales documents are considered to be available by the availability check in the deliveries This results in the deliveries being created and the material availability dates of the materials in the sales order being pushed out.</b>

what is the way to avoid this ?

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Availability check can be configured both at requiremnt class and at the schedule line categories level.

Whilst the availabilty check at the requirement class level via global and mandatory configuration the schedule line catgry availability check deals with the order.

It is mandatory that the reqmnt class is flagged off for avlblty check and the schdelu line cat need not be.

The following are the mandatory for Availability check to happen--

1. Must be swithced on at the requirment class level and at the schedule line level.

2. Reqmnt type must exist by which a requiremnt class can be found

3. There must exist a plant and is defined

4.Checking group must be defined in Material Master records(it controls whthr the system is to create individual or collective reqmnt)

A combination of checking gropup and checking rule will determine the scope of availbaility check.




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I understand the steps needed for 'Required Data for the Availability Check to Be Carried Out'.

My query is, Both sales and delivery requirements are taken into account in the availability check in sales documents.While this is NOT the case in delivery requirements. Thus this is how the default R/3 works.

so there is always this risk that someone at the sales desk has reserved an order for the customer and the delivery people do not have the least idea that such has taken place.

so these 'ghost reservation' is deemed as available at delivery time. This will result in defaulting of the delivery as the goods do not exist and as Glynn C williams points out, this will push the M.A.D of the material.

So my question is, how to stop the sales people making these 'ghost reservations', since default R/3 has given them the green signal to do so, without consent of the delivery people.

I hope I was able to explain the issue properly, please let me know if I was not clear.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello all

anyone out there can comment on this please ?