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Dear All,

I am posting sales Invoice by VF01 / VF02.

After Posting, FI Document being created.

In FI DOcument,  i have some POsting like ,

Customer A/c    Dr          -   50000 INR

Income A/C       Cr          -   55000 INR

DBK Receivable A/c  Dr   -   5000 INR

Now when i received Payment for DBK Receivable, I use Tcode F-28 for entry


Bank A/c   Dr                          4800  INR

DBK  Receivable A/c  Cr        5000  INR

DBK Benefit A/c   -  Dr             200  INR

Now here i have posted entry of DBK Benefit  A/c of INR 20 manually.

My requirement is , How to post difference Amount entry automatically in DBK Benefit A/c for INR 20.

Is there any possiblity by configuring g/l account , we can post automatically difference amount entry.

Thanks & Regards

Swati Shah

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Answers (3)

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Dear Swati

First you need to define the tolerance limit in OBA3/OBA4

Then you can do the setting in OBXL and mention the GL that you want the system to post the difference amount.

Hope you can proceed now.


Syed Zia Abbas

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Hi Swathi,

You needs to do the reason code configuration in the below mentioned path and maintain the GL account DBK Benefit A/c with reason code and at the time of incoming payment in residual payment tab give the reason code so that this account will pick automatically.

Financial Accounting (New)à Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payableà Business Transactionsà Incoming Paymentsà Incoming Payments Global Settingsà Define Reason Codesà Define Accounts for Payment Differences



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Hi Swati,

If you want to post the difference automatically you have to do the below configuration settings:

1. Define reason code in OBBE

2. Assign GL account to the reason code in OBXL

After done the above configuration, at the time of income payment you have to click on residue item. If you click on it then the difference will appear. After the amount, there is a reason code field is there. If you click F4 on this the reason which has created above will appear. You have to select it and simulate the document. Then you will find the difference has posted to the separate GL automatically.

Hope it is clear now.