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Delivery Block in Delivery document

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Hello All

As soon as the delivery document is created through the batch job or manually, the delivery document should have the delivery block in the header according our business requirement. is possible through configuration ?.

I have done a delivery block configuration and assign it to the delivery type in configuration, but it's not coming to the delivery header automatically. Custome coding needed here in user exit? tx in advance

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Yes, this is possible via configuration.

For example you can set delivery block (in the delivery block you can set criteria like blocked for picking and goods issue) in VOV8 for your order type. You can do this is you wish to populate the delivery block automatically for a certain order type. Or you can set it manually in the order, or you can default it from the master data of the customer.

It is important not to assign the delivery block to your delivery type (otherwise you cannot create a delivery).

And of course you should test with documents created after you changed the master data and the configuration.