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Change BP name in open documents

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Is there a solution to update bp name in open documents by updating a business partner?

If I change bp name in SAP manually, theres a messagebox who asks me to change bp name also in open documents, but how can I handle this in B1iF?

greetings rafael

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Answers (2)

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Hi Rafael,

did you finally fix your problem ?



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Hello Rafael,

Could you please specify your requirement?

Are you trying to update BP in Business One or other systems? I tried to update BP name in B1, it works fine. Do you have SP?

First you need to clarify the business logic from business system, then we can discuss how to handle it in B1iF.



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Hi Qiaoli

I'm trying to update BP in SAP Business One, and it works fine. But in every open document (sales order, sales quotation, etc.) there is still the old bp name. Normally this should also be changed?!

I've made a db to b1 scenario. data from a database will be transformed to b1 object schema and after this, inserted or updated in b1.