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This Blog Post is related To Create Company in SLD tab in Integration framework.

When you installed Integration framework for sap B1, sometimes you can't see Companies in SLD tab, so at that you have to run different scenarios for get companies in that list.

Here, i will show you how to create it without run any scenarios.

When you click on SLD, you will get above screen.

  • As per above screen, you can see your databases in that portion.

  • If you can’t see your database’s in that portion, you have to do follow some
    steps to create system there.

  • Steps to Create SYSTEM (Database)

  • As per above screen click on Create System.

  • When you click on create system, you will get above screen for
    create system.

  • First you have to select System Type (SAP Business one version)
    as per above screen.

  • Then you have to type your database name in system name field as
    per above screen.

  • Then you have to click on Create.

  • When you click on create button it will give you above screen.

  • Here, all field are filled up but when you will see its blank.

  • So you have to fill up all the details as mention below.


Common Fields:

  • b1Server: Server private IP address by which it is registered in SLD

  • Company: Live database name

Connectivity List (Active):

  • b1Server: Will be automatically updated

  • License Server: Private IP address: PORT i.e. [30000/40000]

  • Company: Will be automatically updated

  • dB Type: Select HANADB

  • dB User: SYSTEM

  • dB Password: SYSTEM login password

  • Username: B1i

  • Password: Password set for B1i while installation or reset the B1i user
    password from SAP user setup

  • Language: will be as per your localization

  • isTrust: false

  • jcoPath: Go to path C:\Program Files (x86) \SAP\SAP Business One
    Integration\DIProxy >> Open diproxyserver in notepad. JCO PATH =
    C:\\Program Files (x86) \\SAP\\SAP Business One DI API\\JCO\\LIB

  • diProxyhost : Server Private IP address or Name

  • diProxyport : 2099


  • No changes in B1SL


  • driver: No changes (com.sap.db.jdbc.Driver)

  • url: No changes

  • Username: SYSTEM

  • Password: SYSTEM login password

When you complete your configuration you have to save it and then click on
test connection.

After successful test connection you have to restart the services.