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Retrieve return invoices to other tills e.g. directly from SAP CCO Manager


We have following problem. Our customer has SAP CCO Manager, several stores, several tills and all using as ERP System SAP BusinessOne.
One Till (lets called till_1) from store xy can NOT RETRIEVE any invoices from a certain period. That is a problem when you have return invoices and you not find invoices in till.

Now the question is: Is there a possibility to retrieve/recall receipts that have been created in till_1 to another till, lets say till_2 ? (independent of local database of till_1 where invoices originally created). So, is it possible to return invoices to all other tills regardless of where it was originally created e.g. directly from the SAP CCO Manager ?

Prod. environment: We have installed FP16, SAP Customer Checkout manager is the back-end system, Central Receipt Management is activated. All receipts posted in SAP Customer Checkout are sent to SAP Customer Checkout manager. B1 using as ERP System.

Thank you for your support and knowledge sharing!


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