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Dear Community,

At TechEd Berlin 2010 I had the chance to talk to Jan Karstens, Development Architect at SAP, about frequently asked questions, such as "what happens if you pull the plug from an in-memory database" - and Jan answers this question very detailed.

He also speaks about differences to a conventional database, the advantages of in-memory technology, and also bottlenecks he sees in the near future.

TchEd Live/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/webcontent/mimes/z-qa/TechEd Live 2010 - Jan Karstens.jpg

Please watch the interview on "What's Up with In-Memory?".


At TechEd Las Vegas 2010 thorsten.franz3/blog interviewed Oliver Mainka, VP, and Mike Eacrett, Director Product Management for new SAP HANA product line at SAP.

They go very deep into SAP's next generation of on-premise offering for SAP in-memory technology, which is SAP HANA - High Performance Analytic Appliance. Find out about features and business benefits of SAP HANA and when it will be delivered to our customers.

/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/webcontent/mimes/z-qa/TechEd Live 2010 - Mainka and Eacratt on SAP HANA.jpg

Please watch the interview on "Features and Business Benefits of SAP HANA".

For more information please visit the in-memory webpage or the technology innovation page on SDN.