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In the digital economy, the entire business value chain is becoming increasingly more data driven, providing superior product and service experiences that are faster and more efficient than ever before. To compete in the digital economy and win against both old and new competitors, companies need to be able to flexibly change their internal business processes, interact with customers and suppliers in new ways, drive innovative decision and planning processes, and adopt entirely new business models fast. Continuously adapting to the dynamically changing market environment is imperative.

Customization is an important factor in making your software solutions work best for your individual company needs and to meet the challenges of the digital transformation. Extending existing solutions or building entirely new ones can enable your unique business processes to run faster and more efficiently, ultimately driving competitive differentiation…and that is always a good thing. However, to support your long-term business success and to keep IT costs in check, it is also critical that your customizations do not get stale over time, but rather keep pace with current technology innovations. In a recent assessment of customer systems, SAP found that on average, 65% of custom code objects have not been used within the last four weeks. There are also major redundancies, with 12% of custom code objects being identical or very similar to each other. In fact, only 23% of custom code were supporting critical processes. We can help to prevent you from falling into the trap of stale or out-of date solutions through Refactoring. 

Refactoring is an end-to-end service that helps companies analyze, improve and maintain custom-built code. This is achieved by modernizing outdated code, eliminating duplicate or unused code or replacing code that now exists in the mainstream software environment. The result is optimal performance on the most up-to-date platform - preparing you for the adoption of new technologies and innovations like SAP S/4HANA.  Leveraging the Refactoring service frees up your IT resources so they can focus on more strategic needs and ultimately reduces your total cost of ownership.

At SAP, we start with a qualitative evaluation that analyzes your code to identify the focus areas for the business. Then workshops are held to determine where the redundancies are and what outdated code is bogging down your system.  The end-result is a proposal that highlights where to focus your attention when it comes to revamping the custom code that matters or eliminating the custom-code that is no longer relevant to what your company needs to run best. 

Preparing for the digital transformation is crucial for any business and the ultimate goal of Refactoring is to streamline your system and pave the way. Being up-to-date on the latest platform is an important factor in helping your company to meet its goals, and Refactoring will help your company advance to that new platform. Whether your company is looking into new technologies, markets, or business ventures, Refactoring will help you to get ready.

Learn more about Refactoring and how it can help your company.