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Today, SAP and other companies initiated a conversation about how cloud computing can best provide value to our customers.  The Open Cloud Manifesto describes principles that will help customers who choose cloud-based solutions to achieve expected benefits, while still receiving enterprise qualities, protecting existing investments and permitting cloud provider choice.


Cloud computing enables flexible on-demand scaling of some applications, with significant aspects of development, deployment and management handled using cloud services.  Having IT infrastructure grow with the business simplifies planning and lowers costs, which is particularly valuable for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  The Open Cloud Manifesto recognizes the importance of broadly-accepted cloud standards without compromising technical innovations such as those in RESERVOIR.  Availability of Open Clouds should support interoperability and portability across different cloud providers, using cloud services for infrastructure and management. 

SAP has always been committed to delivering industry-leading businesses solutions that meet enterprise customer requirements. The Open Cloud Manifesto initiates an open dialogue among cloud vendors, enterprise application companies and customers that could help achieve this for cloud computing.


I want to personally invite the SAP Community to share your thoughts about the Open Cloud Manifesto. You can do so by editing the document on the Cloud Computing Wiki, or simply by responding to this blog. I am looking forward to hearing from you !