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When there is lot to write about SAP Inside Track 2023 - Preparation, i though of first completing this blog !!

This was one another saturday and we had made all the prepartions and the final checklist for the grand event was run on previous day to ensure all is going as planned.

I reached the venue through the Metro as this was one of the easiest and less CO2e.

I was happy to see the registration desk and hassle free entry with all volunteers, signboards and security waiting to receive the attendes and speakers.

There was separate queue for the Attendes, Speakers , volunteers etc.

I walked in to meet our fellow volunteers maheshkumar.palavalli subhajitdas3 @Ranjeet @Srini @syambabu etc. Also met few other old colleagues, partnets etc.

As planned the meeting started with the Key note from sindhu.gangadharan !!

She set the stage on fire and all of the attendes were interactive her messages were around the  below  key take aways !!

1. BTP
2. Gen AI /
3. Sustainability with Green ledger
4. Sap Business AI
5. Sap + microsoft colloboration on AI
6. Sap + Google for open data AI
7. Modernizing ERP

Once the Key note was over, the attendees were requested to move to the respective tracks.

I was part of the Track 4 so we all moved to the Track 4.

The first session on Track 4 was on Concept of Value Chain Analysis with use case: CO2e Calculation by sanil.bhandari sanil0309 from SAP Labs.

His topic highly covered on the new Cost component calculation for the Co2e. The audience had a great learning as this is under beta and will be soon rolled out !!


The second session was ICMR in Group Reporting  by sridevi2012The attende got

detailed inputs on the group reporting in the SAP S4 Hana environment and also about the ICMR in Group reporting.

After the second sesssion there was a break between 11:00 - 11:30 am. There were networking happening across. Some offline questions were still running up with the speakers.

The 3rd Session on the Track 4 started on time with the topic Rise with SAP Offering Highlights  from Prashant Ganganagoudar, Sagar Nemani from Bosch.

They pitched in the micro details on the Rise with SAP and also tools which are to be used on this process.

The 4th Session on the Track 4 was on the topic Leveraging SAP Signavio business process modeling with SAP EWM​ by @Vaibhav kansa  from Tata Consultancy Services.

He set more curiosity as live demo was done on creating the mining and process flow with Singnavio

After the 4th session we had paused the tracks for the Lunch break and it was a great retreat to see so many enthusiasist under single roof.

One of the Highlight was the Hands session on  40 + Laptops on various topics. Kudos to @Gopal and team !!



The food was nice and the logistics to serve food for almost 1200+ participants were managed well.

we were able to see high energy and happy faces around.

The 5th session on the Track 4 was on the topic Smart Automation with SAP BRIM by swapna.b3  from verizon.  The audience were energetic evern after the lunch session and lot of question were running around and it was all answered. In fact we have to do a hard stop to switch to the next session.


The 6th Session on the track 4 was on the topic Managing & determining Responsibilities easily & centrally using S/4HANA Responsibility Management by @abinash Routray and @Ranjeet  from sAP Labs.

The 7th Session on Track 4 was on the Intelligent Spend Management with SAP BTP and Ariba Business Network by deepika_hm from Cognizant.

I have to move out of this session as i had my Speaking sesssion in the Track 5 as session 8 on the SAP Public Cloud Implementation.

I was very happy that i was able to help them to belive that the Public cloud journey is not a very challenging one. I could not join the post event celebrations as there were many attendes still wanted to understand many nuances on this !!

Went back to meet the few speakers and volunteers and after a long frutiful day went out with few friends for a Dinner !!