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As an abaper, I study the configuration in function area just to make my development more easier :smile: ,so ,let's begin.

In our site,there is requirement to print the outline agreement depending on purchase organiztion, one layout for HK,another for mainland.To achieve this , we need to develop two forms and do some config.

1 SPRO->Purchasing->Messages->Output Control->Condition Tables

Define condition table , you can copy it from an exsting table. The table name must between 500-999, the system will generate table BXXX, here, we use 501.

then set the fields:we only need purchase organization

2 SPRO->Purchasing->Messages->Output Control->Access Sequences

Define Access sequence for outline agreement: Z001, save and double click the left-top corner "Accesses"

Input AcNo , you can use 5 ,10 and so on,  Tab: condition table which you defined.

Select the line and double click lef-top conner "Fields", the system will copy the table fields automatically:

Save and exit.

3 SPRO->Purchasing->Messages->Output Control->Message Types

Define Message Types for outline agreement, you can input a new one or copy it from the standard:

Input the access sequence :

In Print tab,Print param: select Purchasing group

Double click left-top coner "Processing Routines", In "FORM" column, we use ZCONTRACT2, and ZCONTRACT1 for Output type "NEU"

In Fine-Tuned Control: Outline Purchase Agreement, add entry for new message type :"PNEU"

4 SPRO->Purchasing->Messages->Output Control->Message Determination Schemas

Define message schema for outline agreement

Double click"Control data", insert a new step, here we use 15, save.

5 SPRO->Purchasing->Messages->Assign Output Devices to Purchasing Groups:

6 SPRO->Purchasing->Messages->Forms(Layout Sets) for Messages

Assign Form and output program for Contract:

Check the form and corresponding message type

7 Tcode MN07 , set the conditon record for purchase organization print out

for PNEU

for NEU

Now the system is ready to print outline agreement depending on the