SAP SQL Data Warehousing

A growing community of customers and partners are using SAP HANA, an in-memory data management solution and core component of the SAP Data Management Suite to address their data warehousing needs. In recent years, SAP has made several innovations that benefit data warehousing environments built on SAP HANA. Examples of these innovations would be the introduction of SAP HANA extended application services advanced version (XSA) and SAP HANA 2.0. These innovations have enabled SAP to offer an agile and modern DevOps approach to building data warehousing environments that can address the analytics requirements demanded by organizations today.

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SAP SQL Data Warehousing Trial

The SAP SQL Data Warehousing trial is an unlimited developer licensing that includes the capabilities to model, implement, build and run a SAP SQL Data Warehouse solution in a Cloud based environment for development purposes only.

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Tool support for SAP SQL Data Warehousing

The SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation product provides specific data management tools to support (large scale) HANA SQL Data Warehouse use cases.

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Implementing a Big Data Warehouse: YouTube Playlist

A series of videos ranging from an introduction to an SAP big data warehouse environment to better understanding modelling, user security, data lifecycle management, UIs and Cloud.

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SAP HANA XS Advanced

SAP HANA XS Advanced (and Cloud Foundry) is the platform for SAP HANA Native Web Applications on premise and in the cloud. The XSA platform provides additional tooling for automating the build process.

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