SAP Fiori Tools

SAP Fiori tools is a set of extensions for SAP Business Application Studio and Visual Studio Code that makes it faster and easier to develop SAP Fiori elements applications. If you are creating apps in one of those development environments, SAP Fiori tools provides functionality that simplifies the process of writing or modifying SAP Fiori apps throughout the entire development process.

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Simplify SAP Fiori elements app development with SAP Fiori tools

Our development teams incorporated feedback from customers and partners to reduce the time and skill required to create SAP Fiori elements applications.

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Generate apps using new “super-generator”

The first step to harmonizing the development experience with a single approach and tooling for SAPUI5 freestyle and SAP Fiori elements apps was to create a common project generator.

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Learn about all the SAP Fiori tools extensions

This video series features the product owners explaining how their extensions streamline app generation, visualize page structure and OData services, inject code snippets, and provide simplified access to documentation.

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Read how SAP Fiori tools reduces coding

Code completion and guided development are two ways that SAP Fiori tools cuts the amount of code you need to write to create fully-functional SAP Fiori apps.

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SAP Fiori tools on the SAP Community

Visit the SAP Community blogs for SAP Fiori tools to keep up to date with new features and more.

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Need additional assistance? Visit the SAP Fiori Help Portal for compatibility, functionality, and application development assistance. Note: Please use component CA-UX-IDE to file an incident with the SAP Fiori elements team. We will be in touch as soon as possible. In this case * refers to the specific page type (floorplan).

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